Why the self-storage?

A self-storage facility is an option for many people when they want to manage their space more efficiently. Some people think it is not that necessary but it can be the perk for your life which seems small.

Managing a space can be a pain even when you have your own space. A House that has lots of space to store but does not have a well-divided section can make you “lose your item in your house.” You don’t want to store something until you move out, do you?

Self-storage facilities prevent that kind of situation. You strictly divide the purpose and usage of the space with a well-managed atmosphere. You can use that space for keeping extra important things so that you don’t have to be super worried about keeping in your house. Otherwise, you can keep something that consumes space but that you don’t want to throw away.

Having a self – storage unit and managing it efficiently can give you a little more breath to your life. Why don’t you get a quote now for this extra perk?

How the self-storage can be the best option close to the Amazon fulfillment center

New Amazon fulfillment center is coming at Bondurant, Iowa with a characteristic of a warehouse. The facility will be used as a place that stores products but also for packing and picking up. Amazon fulfillment center does have storage to be used for its own business, but it only keeps the product when it is in transit. There are tons of ways for sellers and buyers to use self-storage units near the Amazon fulfillment center.

Sellers can use the storage units to store their product that frequently goes through the fulfillment center for the transit to the customers. For example, if you sell lots of appliances that consume your personal space but you still want to keep them at someplace before it goes to the fulfillment center, the storage unit nearby will be the perfect option. You can have 24 hours access so that you can manage your products anytime you want.

Buyers who buy things periodically from Amazon but if they don’t want it in their personal house or property, here it is! A storage unit near the fulfillment center can be the best choice to store items you buy before you actually use it. It is going to be very convenient to pick up from the Amazon fulfillment distribution center and manage it anytime you want.

It is so exciting to see the Amazon fulfillment center is building up their facility. Remember, having a personal storage unit that is very close to the Amazon fulfillment center can be an upgrade to your consuming process.

Keep your dog away from this!

Since many people are having a dog as their forever friend, how to raise their dog is becoming one of the lifestyles and cultures.

Some people feed their dog dry food, very strictly. On the other hand, people feed human foods or snacks for their food.

We cannot say what is right or wrong since that can be their dog’s own habitat and lifestyle.

However, everyone should know what to not feed their dogs no matter what their eating style is because it can cause fatal damage to their system or even to death.


Chocolate contains methylxanthines which is very dangerous to a pet’s system because there is no factor that can digest this in a dog’s body. It can cause diarrhea or some disability to their digestion, but it can cause death if they consume a high percentage of it.

Onions, Garlic and Chives

These foods can cause gastrointestinal irritation in pets and could lead to red blood cell damage which is very hard to be cured and fatal to dogs.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are fruity and seem safe for dogs, but it can cause serious kidney failure to dogs.

Remember, foods that look safe can actually be dangerous. If you are feeding your dog human food or treats, be aware!

One broken tree should not ruin the whole forest

It is hard. It is hard when the incident occurs involving hating and blaming each other. A small thing happens and it fires up a bigger thing.

It is not very easy when something occurs and blames a fire inside us. When we get emotional, angry, and sad. It is harder to control what we see.

People tend to see the tree when they see the incident.
One broken tree makes people see the forest as a whole ruined tree.

We should distinguish those two and make sure we are not ruining the whole tree by ourselves.

We can weed out the broken tree. We can see other good trees.
We don’t have to break other trees because one tree is broken.

Let’s see the forest. Let’s protect other healthy trees.

Keep your pawls cool

The clouds are gone and finally, the sun is shining bright!

It is such a lively season and everyone is enjoying the outdoor activities with this good weather.
It applies to our pawls too! It is great weather to go walk frequently since our friends don’t have to worry about cold or snows.

However, it is very important to keep dogs cool in this hot temperature and make them hydrated. Give your dogs lots of water so that they can drink whenever they want. Dogs cannot sweat, but they do need to be hydrated often during the hot season.

Also, check the temperature of the asphalt or concrete before you walk.
Put your hand on the ground for 10 seconds and if you feel it is hot to keep your hand on the ground, make them walk on the grass. Their paws are not tolerant of the hot ground.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR. No matter what, leaving the dog in the car can cause a fatal accident to them.

Put these tips in your mind and enjoy this nice weather with your furever friend!

Shout out in the peace

In all this hard and tense situation, many people are trying to shout out loud their words in their ways.

In the meaning of this situation and all the methods that people’s using for their message medium, we should acknowledge that other’s life is as important as ours.

Sometimes it is very hard to control the expression of our emotions when we desperately want to convey our opinion or value.

However, the desperateness can NEVER be conveyed in any violent way. It will waste the platform where the world was ready to hear.

Lives do matter. ALL life is important.
Mine is important, so do theirs.

We are going to go through this with a peaceful unifying voice, for everyone no matter what.