Giving back while glorifying God

Everyone’s talking about Dino’s Storage reader board!

We are consistently getting compliments on the quotes that are put on our reader board.  The reader board is a big deal for Dino’s Storage, we see this as our way to give back.  I can’t tell you how many times I get someone thanking me for what we put on our board.  The conversations always start off as “I had the worst day, until I saw the quote on your sign”.  To hear our quotes are an uplifting positive experience in lives, is amazing!  We take this as giving back to the community while glorifying God.  That is a simplified version of our mission and what is most important to the owner, Dave Paladino and me.

Below is some positive encouragement Diane, Property Manager of the Elkhorn location received.  When we get these comments they are breathtaking for me and I am grateful to be the Operations Manager of a company that is making an impact in the lives while spreading the word of God.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the updates that are made to the marquee outside your location.  I live in Fremont and work in Omaha. I drive by daily to work and it brings joy to my heart when I read each side of your sign.  GOD is amazing and He is Alive!

God Bless!

-wrote by Emily-

April Showers Bring May Flowers and Wet Basements

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest and the rain has been causing a bit of unwanted water collection in some basements and garages.


I moved here from Arizona in August and most of the homes in the Southwest do not have basements, so I was excited to have a basement in my house here in Iowa.  Well, as the title goes to show…I found out the hard way that basements and garages do not always provide a dry safe place to store your unused goodies.  Thankfully I was able to save my Christmas decorations, winter clothes, art projects and paperwork by bringing them all to my storage unit.


Dino’s Storage on 2nd Avenue in Des Moines offers a wide variety of unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30, all in an a wonderful climate controlled building.  We also have very reasonable rates, so do not let your treasures get ruined by the elements, come check us out!!


Even if your basement is not a flood zone, we would love to help you free up space in your home or garage.  Just imagine your new clutter free space…you could create an art studio, home gym, tool shop, home theatre or get a pool table!!


So remember:  If it is worth keeping, it is worth storing!!

Everlasting Impression

Our mission statement is to engage with the life events of the customer while providing physical presence that speaks the needs of the consumer.

One of the most important things to Dino’s Storage is our customers; we couldn’t fulfill your need without you. With that being said, we are always intrigued on how you came to the decision to rent from Dino’s, how your experience is going while you are a customer and ask your opinion when you move out.

When submitting a move out form through our website there is a spot for comments.  This form is sent to the manager at the location you rented at and me, the operations manager. I look at every one of these to see overall what the customer thoughts were when they finished the need for storage.

Below is a comment from a recent move out submitted by a customer at the SE 14th location in Des Moines, Iowa:

“The facility is GREAT – I am always able to access my unit which has stored my Camaro during the winter months. I am certain that I will be returning this fall to store the car again. The facility Manager was very good to work with and when I started to rent it last fall he explained everything to me in detail and made me feel comfortable about it. This is the first time that I have ever rented a storage unit in my life, and I had a good experience in doing so. Great to know that there are still companies like this that serves the customer’s needs with great customer service. Thanks!”

We go out of our way to have you leave with an ever lasting impression when you are finished with your need. When you have a need for storage again you know who to come to as you already have an experience to re-connect with.

Dino’s Storage holds repeat customers close to our hearts. Contact one of the managers below to hear about the specials we give you.


Downtown Omaha, Tom 402-345-3466

Midtown Omaha, Kerry 402-504-4600

Bellevue, Dawn and Tammy 402-293-4667

Papillion/Lavista, Jennie 402-331-1555

Millard/LaVista, Diana 402-896-6500

West Omaha/Elkhorn, Diane 402-293-0923


North Des Moines (2nd Ave & New York), Amanda 515-280-5060

Southeast Des Moines (SE 14th & Kenyon Ave), Chris and Matt 515-953-3466

Bondurant (NE Hubbell Ave), Cindy 515-967-9346



Spring is the time for cleaning and doing all kinds of fix it up jobs. Sometimes it would be easier if that stuff was out of your way while you do your project. You might consider using a storage unit while you complete your project so think of Dino’s Storage. The Millard/LaVista Dino’s is offering special pricing on some units

Our location is 14301 Josephine which is just south of 144th and Harrison. We have various sizes in both climate controlled and non climate controlled units. You would have 24/7 access. Your stuff is available when you want it..

If you are interested in a place for your stuff please call Diana at 402 896 6500 and she will assist you in finding the unit that is just right for you. Questions are always welcomed.

Quick Dino’s Storage Storing Tips

Storage tips:

Many people ask “how should I store my mattress as far as side or flat?” Storing your mattress in a breathable plastic bag will protect it from the elements. Here at Dino’s Storage we sell a wide range of breathable mattress bags and totes. Avoid storing your mattress in a thick plastic cover, as this will encourage condensation. Breathable plastic is enough to protect it from mold, dust and allergens while keeping it moisture-free. Mattresses are not meant to sit in storage for years, even with proper protection. In addition throw in a few laundry softener sheets for a nice scent. The retail stores have them on the sides so I don’t see a problem storing the same way as long as the mattress is a well constructed one. You can always come to you storage area and rotate the mattress also.

Above Standards for Physical Presence

Dino’s Storage mission is to engage with the life events of the customer while providing a physical presence that speaks to the needs of the customer. I can personally tell you our team of employees at Dino’s Storage holds above the rest, standards for the physical presence of their location. Below is an experience from our 2nd   Ave location in Des Moines, Iowa,  the property manager Amanda shared with me:

“I had a gentleman come in today to check the rates while I was in the middle of cleaning windows. I said, “sorry for the Windex smell that is consuming the office”. He said, “no no, that is fine and just seeing you clean like you are, makes me want to rent from you and not go back to your competitor”. The gentleman left as a Dino’s Storage customer”

Contact Amanda at our 2nd   Ave location in Des Moines, Iowa to see for yourself our above the rest standards for the physical presence. Phone 515-280-5060, Email


Welcome to Bellevue’s Dino’s Storage

For the month of April we have several great specials on both climate control units and standard units. In the climate control building, currently 10 x 10 units are on special for $80.00. Inside the standard buildings a 10 x 10 is for $65.00, and 5 x 10 are at a low of $35.00. The units are going quickly due to the warm weather. Also available are a variety of units ranging from 5 x 5 to 10 x 20.

Contact Dawn or Tammy at 402-293-4667 to set up a time to look at the unit sizes available or just stop in during business hours. We are located near Wal-Mart here in Bellevue at 1001 Cornhusker Rd.



There is a reason the bags and covers made specifically for storage and moving are either clear or lightly frosted.  Mold grows in DARK damp spaces.

Regular outside storage units are generally metal buildings.  When the summer sun starts beating on them, they tend to get very hot and sometimes humid.

Most people don’t know the importance of protecting their items properly while in storage. How upset would you be if you paid for storage of your items only to find them damaged or ruined upon moving them out?  A little investment up front can actually end up saving you money in the end.

Your Dino’s storage is a one stop shop!!  We carry a complete line of storage and moving supplies. Covers, bags, boxes; you need it we probably have it (even the specialty boxes for TV’s, pictures and wardrobe).

Welcome to Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn

Spring is here and we have great specials going on. Our new climate contol building is opened and has sizes that will fit everyones needs. We have anywhere from 5 x 5 units up to 10 x 30 units. You have 24 hour access, 7 days a week. You have easy access to the building with carts to help you load items onto and a large freight elevator.

Our non climate units range from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30. You  have 24 hour access, 7 days a week.  You can pull up and unload right into the unit.

Stop by and check us out. We are located at 20800 West Dodge Road in Elkhorn, or give Diane a call at 402-289-0923 and I will be happy to help you with your needs.