Store safe, but wisely.

Everyone has a moment to store their valued belongings for a long time. We want to store things not only safely but wisely. How can we store things containing different materials for a long time? Here are some tips for you to store things safely.

Fabrics- Fabrics love to absorb waters so it is very weak in the humid area. Even it is not so humid, it will be ruined if it is stored at the same location for a long time. Paper balls are very helpful for fabrics. When you store it, make sure to put those in baggage that flows air well. Then, put paper balls inside to prevent your fabric items to absorb all the humidity!

Electronics-Electronics are also weak at humidity. They don’t absorb water that much, but piled dust likes to eat water. Make sure you wipe all the dust and dirt before you store it. It might be okay with it before you store but it can get worse if you store it with them!

Foods- DON’T STORE FOODS! If you store things somewhere for a long time, it is critical to store foods even it is indoor. Even it is canned food, it cannot be out of target from hungry animals or rodents. You don’t want to lure them and ruin your things.

It does not mean your stuff is 100% safe even your storage is very secured. Protect your things wisely when you store them longer!

What should we do for the dogs now?

It is still not recommended for everyone to go out a lot especially public spaces right now. But we still need our dogs to smell and feel the outside so that they won’t get so stressed in this situation.

It will be great if you have your own yard at your house or space for dogs in your apartment, but not everybody does. If you are staying inside with your four-leg pawls and don’t know how to deal with going outside.

Open windows.

Open windows and make sure dogs smell outside and show them the outside view if it is possible. It makes dogs very refreshed when they can just even smell outside and feel the breeze. If you are in the place that you cannot go out easily and the situation is severe, try this. Even your dog is born to be an indoor dog,  this will help a lot to relieve the stress of the dog.

Go out for the potty everytime.

It will be great if your dog can have time to walk, but if it is not a choice, take your dog out every time when they need a potty time. Having a potty time outside will make your dog satisfied and feel like they accomplished a thing. It is going to be a short walk and come back.

Another source of relieving stress

Some toys are designed to make dogs satisfied and relieve their stress such as sniffing blanket or a ball toy with treats inside. Dogs somehow want to be rewarded with their effort. These things can make them feel rewarded after playing so that they can make them happy.

It is a hard situation and many people, or dogs, are having a time which is not fun. It is best to find a way for dogs to feel outside as much as they can.

I hope it does not rain tonight so that I can open my windows for my dog!

Myths and truth about storage units

Storage units can be simple in somewhat way. Storing  customer’s things in extra spaces owned by property owner and pay the monthly fee. However, it can be complicated somehow including all the leases and agreements, contracts talking about rent fees, insurance and auctions. Feels like some magic story, there are some myths about storage units. Let’s talk about myths about storage units out there with the real truth about it.

Myth 1 : Storage units are not safe and very easy to be broke in.

Truth : Storage units can be a target to burglars since some of the units are standing outside with single gate. However, storage units are kept very safe than everyone’s expectation than ever. Since customer’s belongings that are in the storage unit is under the storage company’s guard, it is hard to be stolen. One of the primary things that company concerns about is the security of the storage since the storage unit itself or the things inside can mean tons to them. Dino’s storage has lots of security camera in different angles watching storage unit 24 hours and are managed by our managers or service workers. Also, we are protected by security system that is not so easy to break in.

Myth 2: Storage units are scamming people to just sell things in auction.

Truth: The most way how storage company makes money is to collect rent from tenants and sign up with new customers. Auctions are the last option of the company when tenants owe for long time. The storage units should be cleaned for next tenants.

Myth3: Storage units are too big and hard to afford.

Truth: If you are concerning about spacing just because of little amount of your stuff, that is okay! Dino’s storage has lots of variety from 25qft to 1000sqft! The quotes are available depends on your situation.

Don’t get fooled by myths while you can have awesome storage unit with us!

So to say, drive away.

Every local funs and duns are closed, no more partying and socializing.

However, we gotta refresh our body and mind.

Instead of stressing out, why don’t you use this time for your benefit?

Get your stuffs packed, no matter how many they are, and get on the road.

See how our nature got clean. Feel how amazing to breath fresh air breeze is.

You can think back of your good memories, have some picnic at nature spots, enjoy your time.

Get on the road and step on every path that you wanted to visit during normal time.

Doesn’t matter if you think it worth or not! We are counting every steps as journey now.

Take your time, enjoy your way.

Dino’s Storage has free truck and trailer that you can bring to anywhere you want as long as you bring it back in 24 hours.

There are plenty of things you can do in 24 hours!
Go to road trip, pull over for a moment at a great scenery and feel it.
You can even bring your own sofa or bed inside!

Would we name this……Camprintine?

What’s in Season for May

Eating qualified foods will be very important to improve your immune system especially in this kind of situation.

Here’s a way to intake some quality food in May while enjoying its fulfilled taste.

Get. Some. Seasonal. Foods.

Not everybody think about seasonal food in May. What is seasonal in may?

Foods that are seasonal in May are avocados, bananas, Broccoli, and Blueberries.

Aren’t they every-time seasonal food?

Nope, they are fully ripen and best in taste on May.

If you feel that they taste in the same way, it can be even cheaper in the market place!

Why not buying cheap and high quality food while you can also get your health improved?

It was very interesting that bananas and avocados, in the same BERRY category is seasonal during May!! Right, berries are seasonal during  May. Not surprising, blueberry is also a seasonal food in May.

The point is, look how interesting it is to find out some every time seasonal looking foods which are actually seasonal during May.

Go to groceries right now and look for some berries!

Pretty sure that they won’t disappoint you.

Moving out to the bigger world

It has been a hard time and graduates of spring 2020 confronted unexpected situation.

Their graduation ceremony, which happens only one time in their lifetime, had to be canceled due to the pandemic situation.

Graduates were not even able to celebrate with their friends in campus since all the classes has shifted into online class.

Even in this hard situation, people has been moving on.

Graduates has successfully finished their courses and obtained degree.

Many of them has already found the job and moved one step forward in their lives. They did online interviews and trying their best in this pandemic world.

It is very impressive to see how people handle this situation while they are on the boarder line of their important season of the life.

Move on, people! Bigger world is waiting. Don’t let the situation block your biggest step.

Little Things Lost

Our lives have been disrupted by the pandemic. Lock downs, financial difficulty, enormous unemployment, closed houses of worship and a whole lot more.

Who knows when something approaching normal will return? But when it does, will many of the little things be lost?

Will we ever shake hands again?
Will we ever be comfortable eating from a salad bar?
Will anyone want a slice of birthday cake after another has blown out the candles on it?
Will friends or lovers ever dip two straws into a glass or bottle of Coke to share it?
Will we welcome large groups for a family or neighborhood picnic?
Will we be comfortable in a crowded movie theater?
Will we stroll hand in hand along the boardwalk, sidewalk or beach?
Will our old jobs be there for us as society reopens?
Will those who can always work from home?

At this time, we don’t have many answers.

As Bob Dylan suggested long ago:
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Say a Prayer.

Experiential Retail Avoids Internet Apocalypse

E-commerce has changed shopping habits, and some bricks-and-mortar retailers have been shuttered as a result. But retailers are finding a way to compete, banking on experiential retailing — turning stores into brand and product showcases that offer omnichannel shopping experiences — as a way to avoid the internet apocalypse.

The purpose of these types of stores is to generate brand excitement. Retailers also are using them to engage new customers, particularly millennials, in different ways. Retailers realize they can offer experiences that virtual stores can’t, such as listening to live music, trying on clothes and dining.

Digital-native brands are jumping in, too. Farfetch, an online fashion retailer, offers a bricks-and-mortar store in London where customers receive a sign-in screen to search their purchase histories and wish lists. They offer smart mirrors in fitting rooms to let shoppers view different sizes and products. Shoppers can even pay for their purchases from the dressing room, reports.

Commercial experts note that experiential retailing will work best in certain locations, likely near major transportation areas and high-density residential and commercial districts. “Be prepared for more department store closures, as well as the closures of many other mall staples,” reports. “They’ll be replaced by smaller stores and digital-native brands like Warby Parker, Buck Mason, Glossier and Revolve (to name a few) that are seeking to add the convenience and experiences that come with bricks-and-mortar locations.”