Store safe, but wisely.

Everyone has a moment to store their valued belongings for a long time. We want to store things not only safely but wisely. How can we store things containing different materials for a long time? Here are some tips for you to store things safely.

Fabrics- Fabrics love to absorb waters so it is very weak in the humid area. Even it is not so humid, it will be ruined if it is stored at the same location for a long time. Paper balls are very helpful for fabrics. When you store it, make sure to put those in baggage that flows air well. Then, put paper balls inside to prevent your fabric items to absorb all the humidity!

Electronics-Electronics are also weak at humidity. They don’t absorb water that much, but piled dust likes to eat water. Make sure you wipe all the dust and dirt before you store it. It might be okay with it before you store but it can get worse if you store it with them!

Foods- DON’T STORE FOODS! If you store things somewhere for a long time, it is critical to store foods even it is indoor. Even it is canned food, it cannot be out of target from hungry animals or rodents. You don’t want to lure them and ruin your things.

It does not mean your stuff is 100% safe even your storage is very secured. Protect your things wisely when you store them longer!