How to pick a storage unit wisely

We need extra space for several reasons. Sometimes we need to relocate, sell a house, or keep valuable belongings. That is why there are so many options, sizes, and locations with self-storage.

If you had to move out from the college dorm and going back home for a break, you will need 5×10 or 5×5 size units so that you can keep your belongings for the short term. College dorms have most of the furniture so the unit does not have to be very big.

If you are moving or selling a house and had to store the entire bedroom or house, the scale gets bigger. You will have to look for 10×10 or up to 10×30 depends on how many bedrooms you have in your house.

Climate controlled or non-climate controlled?
Climate controlled units have the same humidity and temperature no matter what the weather is outside. You will pick climate-controlled units if your belongings are humid/ temperature sensitive.

If spending less money is your priority, you can pick the unit that is at a not convenient spot. It can be the highest floor or further from the elevator. It will save you so much money.

Because there are so many options and types of units, it might be difficult for you to pick the right choice. However, these options are for you to pick the best unit for you too!