Snow Days For Dogs

Snow peaks a dog’s interest. This is because it’s something knew to them. There are new smells and new adventures to go on. But there are precautions to take when taking your dog outside. 

First, you have to be careful of their paws. When touching snow or ice, their feet could freeze and be in pain. If their paws get too cold, they could start bleeding and cracking. There are ways to stop this from happening, like little doggy boots. This will protect their paws from getting hurt. At first, they will have a hard time walking with the shoes but overtime they will get better at it. 

Second, dogs can only stay out for a certain amount of time. If it is their first time in the snow, be extra careful. This is because the dog’s body is not used to being around snow. This might cause the dog’s body to start trembling and moving slower. If this happens, it is time to bring the dog inside! 

Third, the size and hair length of the dog matters. If they are a smaller or shorter haired dog, there needs to be protection for them. There are clothes that are made for dogs. This can help keep them warm. Along with this, if the dog is not able to walk in the snow, shovel a path for them. This is because they will have a path to follow. If the snow reaches their neck or goes above, do not let your dog go into it. They could get lost because they are unable to find their way back. 

                                 Let your dogs have fun but be safe about it!