Climate control is becoming more popular for storage. Items stored in a non climate controlled environment depend on outside weather conditions. In Nebraska we have cold, heat, and humdity which will often cause items to deteriorate. Not only are climate controlled units important in eliminating weather problems but the amount of dust your things are exposed to. Recently I had a tenant tell me that after 2 years storing in the climate control he had very little dust on his belongings. Before putting your items in storage you should think which items would benefit from climate controlled storage.

Climate control is good for items that are valuable or made of high quality material. One example is a mattress that can mold and mildew when exposed to the elements. Heat can lead to discoloration and deterioration of good clothing. Humidity is a probelm both in the summer and winter. Musical instruments often warp, crack, and break in non climatecontrolled units Electronics are very sensitive to moisture. Paper, books, and pictures can discolor, warp, and mildew when exposed to weather conditions over a period of time.

Take time to think before storing. Climate controlled units are not needed just for china, antiques, and leather but anything that is valuable to you. Dino’s Storage offers a variety of unit sizes in their climate controlled storage. I would be more than happy to show you our climate controlled building at 14301 Josephine or call Diana at 402 896 6500 for an appointment.

Selling your House….Let Dino’s Storage Help

Spring is a popular time for putting your home on the market to sell. Dino’s Storage can help when it comes time to prepare your house for selling. We have a convenient month to month lease which allows you to use the storage space for a short time frame or longer if needed.

When the time comes for an open houses the best thing to do is stage your home.  Staging gives the appearance that your rooms are bigger and gives possible buyers easier access to the rooms.  Removing any extra furniture, boxes and de-cluttering your house by using storage.
Having your extra items in storage also allows you time to decide if you want to move them to your new home or if its time to sell or donate them.

Contact Tammy at our Bellevue location to hear about the current specials.  402-510-1066 or

To store, or to hoard?

I recently found myself in the same situation that so many of my storage customers find themselves in. I was moving from a residence that I had resided for over 8 years and had never done any serious de-cluttering!

Luckily, this time I found myself wiser, since I have been in the storage business the same number of years. I realized that all the items I have been collecting were now going to be a liability to me, if I did not do something about it. I donated many useful items to charities (which they came & picked up even!), and made very good use of my dumpster as well. By doing those things I was able to get by with half the size storage I was planning on (saved me over $300.00 per year) and the unit that I did use is very neatly organized, and has only stuff that I know I will be needing.

My point on this is that everyone has the need for an indoor storage unit. By using one properly (and regularly) you can make tremendous use of space in your home or apartment that you aren’t use to having. You may keep your precious items in a nice climate controlled environement instead of a damp garage or shed. Plus you get a really great feeling by donating GOOD stuff!

The weather is very nice, and not to hot yet, so why not make some room at your place?

Contact Tom, Property Manager at Downtown Omaha location for current monthly specials.  402-354-3466 or


I’ve noticed when some people inquire about public storage and I say “I’m a……multi level facility…” they say “Multi level? Do you have anything available on the 1st floor?”.  But there are several great advantages to being high in the sky and Dino’s Storage will change how you may feel about a multi level building.

When Dino’s laid out the plans for our buildings we thought about our customers and did it better than some in the past, we installed elevators!!  I had someone ask me once “Do you have elevators?”. Apparently they had used a multi level facility in Arizona and had to lug their belongings up stairs.   I said “Yes we have elevators, not only do we have elevators; we have large freight elevators that will easily accommodate any big furniture pieces.  You can even fit items loaded and wrapped on pallets. We also have flat carts available to our tenants for loading and unloading (yes, furniture fits on them too).  Save your back and stop lugging heavy boxes.  Just put them on a cart, step into the elevator, and roll your way down the aisles.

If you’ve ever used regular ground level storage you’ve probably had a manager or owner tell you “ ensure you don’t come back to damaged belongings, it’s a good idea to put your stuff on pallets or up on boards and not directly on the concrete floor”.  This is for several reason; but one is concrete is a porous material.  When the ground is cold and the temperature in the unit is hotter, concrete can sweat. Which means condensation will collect on the floor (kind of like the tank on your toilet when you take a hot shower, or the windows in your car).  So if your nice wooden furniture or cardboard boxes are directly on the concrete floor eventually it will wick up this condensation and can warp.  This will not happen when you are off the ground.

Another concern with regular ground level storage is rodents.  No matter what precautions you and/or the facility take; rodents can, and sometimes do find their way in. Especially in the winter.  It’s cold outside and they scurry around the ground seeking shelter; as sometimesthat shelter is in your unit. Hey if you’re not on the ground you don’t have to worry!!

So when your thinking about what you want in a storage facility, set your sights a little higher.  Once you store on the penthouse levels, you will want to stay there.  And the best part is Dino’s doesn’t charge any extra for it, it’s just as affordale as the ground floor!!

Contact Kerry the Property Manager at Dino’s Storage in midtown Omaha for multi level climate control storage specials #402-504-4600,

Summer is Finally Here!

It’s time to clean out the garage and make room for the vehicles. Dino’s Storage offers a variety of options for all your needs. We offer climate controlled units, non climate controlled units and outside parking. Our climate controlled units are 100 % humidity controlled and temperature controlled. Climate controlled units are great for furniture and electronics. It’s a good time to clean out the house if you have it on the market or just need a space while you are waiting for your new home. Our facility is clean and secure. It’s a great time to rent your storage space. Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn is a great location. Call Diane at 402-289-0923. We will be happy to show you around.

School Is Out for Summer, well Almost!!

Summer is a time when a lot of families decide to relocate, H.S. Seniors start shopping for dorm room necessities and current college students start packing up their dorms for much needed fun in the sun.

If you are trying to sell your home, your realtor may suggest that you “de-clutter and take yourself out of the house.”  You may not want to toss your beloved treasures but staging could possibly reduce the time that your house is on the market.  Or maybe your house sold faster than the speed of sound and you have to move a lot quicker than anticipated.  Perhaps your new job requires you to start ASAP in a different state or even overseas.  What do you need?  STORAGE!!

Maybe your son or daughter needs a temporary place for all their dorm items over the break, and bringing them home is just not an option…What do they need?  STORAGE!!

Let us here at Dino’s Storage help you to make your life a little less stressful in times of transition so you can relax in the sunny days ahead!! Contact Amanda at the 2nd Ave location 515-280-5060 or