School Is Out for Summer, well Almost!!

Summer is a time when a lot of families decide to relocate, H.S. Seniors start shopping for dorm room necessities and current college students start packing up their dorms for much needed fun in the sun.

If you are trying to sell your home, your realtor may suggest that you “de-clutter and take yourself out of the house.”  You may not want to toss your beloved treasures but staging could possibly reduce the time that your house is on the market.  Or maybe your house sold faster than the speed of sound and you have to move a lot quicker than anticipated.  Perhaps your new job requires you to start ASAP in a different state or even overseas.  What do you need?  STORAGE!!

Maybe your son or daughter needs a temporary place for all their dorm items over the break, and bringing them home is just not an option…What do they need?  STORAGE!!

Let us here at Dino’s Storage help you to make your life a little less stressful in times of transition so you can relax in the sunny days ahead!! Contact Amanda at the 2nd Ave location 515-280-5060 or