Guard Dogs VS. Protection Dogs

Did you know that there is a difference between guard dogs and protection dogs? It is very easy to think that they have a similar meanings, but they are two different type of dogs.

Guard dogs are trained to be working dogs, alerting their owners if there is intruders. It is hard for these dogs to stop training mode. There are 3 different types of guard dogs. The first one is an alarm dog. This type of guard dog is not physical. They have a low, threatening bark. Alarm dogs will usually use this type of bark to inform the owner of an intruder. The intruders usually get scared when the dog barks and will leave.  The second type of guard dog is a sentry dog. These dogs are trained to be on big properties. The owners will let the dogs roam around the properties by themselves because they are trained to attack intruders. The third type of guard dog is attack dogs. These dogs are trained to attack, and if needed, kill. They will only listen to their handlers. Attack dogs are not meant to be pets. They are not sociable dogs. The police and military are the only ones who should have these dogs. Guard dogs are not meant to be pets. They are meant to protect and work. Protection dogs can be pets.

Protection dogs create a connection with the family and can be considered a family member. These dogs don’t need to be trained on what they are naturally made to do. But they do need obedience training. It is important to get obedience training because they can start becoming dominant. Having a dominant dog in the family can be dangerous because they can get their roles confused. Reminding the dog that you are the alpha in the family will remind them of their role. Also, it is important to exercise the dog. This is important because the exercise helps them behave.

Guard dogs and protection dogs both require training, but they trained in different ways. It is important to think about how you want your dog to be trained and what kind of work you want them to do.