Advantages of Humidity Controlled Storage

Humidity plays a serious roll when you store your items. Humidity is the amount of water vapors in the air. One advantange of climate controlled storage is protection from the elements. Dirt and dust are less likly to get into the units. When storing items like pictures, apppliances, wood furniture, antiques, musical instruments, documents, memorabilia, family heirlooms, mattresses and other important items, it is best to use climate controlled and humidity controlled storage. If you live in an area with moderate to high levels of humidity and/or extreme temperatures, you would want to use a facility that is climate controlled and humidiy controlled. Even in an area with low moisture levels you would want to consider climate comtrolled storage. Humidity is a problem in both summer and winter. Humidity levels should be maintained at 55% plus or minus a few points and the temperature controlled at 68 to 72 degrees year round. With Dino’s Storage, your items will be kept in the same condition when you leave the facility as they were when you brought them to the facility. Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn is located off of 20800 West Dodge Road. Stop in and check out our new climate and humidity controlled facility. Call Diane at 402-289-0923 and I will be happy to show you around.


This is a question I get occasionally while helping people with their storage needs.  Or some people don’t even think to ask about insurance coverage; they’ve never used storage before and it doesn’t occur to them to ask.

And most are surprised when I say the answer is No, ANY storage facility will tell you they do not insure the items you put in the building.  In no way, shape, or form can we be responsible for the items in the facility.  In the event of a tornado, fire, flood, storm damage, theft, etc, etc.;  the proper insurance coverage is the responsiblity of the tenant. It’s similar to renting a home, apartment, or business space. Your landlord doesn’t insure your belonging in your apartment and a storage facility can’t insure your belongings in your storage space.

I always tell my new tenants if you have homeowner’s insurance don’t just assume your things are covered while in storage; every policy is different and some only cover contents that are in the actual home.  So when you move those contents out the home and into a storage unit; you may have 10% of your policy coverage for those items; or worse yet, no coverage at all!!  I advise calling your agent and asking about something called “off premise policies”.  Tell them “these items are going into a storage facility, do I have my FULL policy coverage?”.  Depending on your individual policy, you may need to add some sort of renter’s rider or additional coverage.

A general renter’s policy will most times be sufficient to cover your belongs in storage, but again, every policy is different.  So if you haven’t, it is still a good idea to call your agent and make sure you have proper coverage.

While Dino’s Storage itself doesn’t insure your belongings; we do work with a company that does.  Bader Company is a storage insurance company that offers month to month policies, same as your storage lease.  If you don’t have existing coverage for your storage unit, don’t want to shop a policy on your own, or simply want additional coverage; ask your manager; it’s simple and the premium can be added to your monthly storage rent.  If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!!

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Summer in the Storage Business

Summer can be a very busy time in the storage business. The weather is much better for us to all do our outside work, keep things outside neat and tidy, and finally enjoy our outside surroundings a lot more than we have been used to for months. Kids are out of school, so we have lots of extra free hands to help us with our chores. I consider it a great time to go through our yards and garages and de-clutter. Get rid of the things we no longer have use for, put things we are not going to use for awhile (snowblowers, shovels, ice picks…….you name it!) and put them into storage. The end result will be much more room in your garage, or maybe a clearer view from your deck, or maybe less obstacles in the back yard to mow around! Whatever the end result, you will be happy for many months to come that you finally took control of your seasonal possessions. Of course, lawnmowers, rakes, fertilizer spreaders, etc. all take up about the same space as that winter stuff did, so join the organized people of the world and come in and lease a storage unit in a size that works well for your needs.

See you soon!

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Bondurant “On The Move”

Bondurant is located in the heart of central Iowa, right off I-80, with in minutes of I-35, and Hwy 65 runs through town. The town is a premier location for businesses and housing.

The city’s focus is on sustainable growth with a balance between residential, commercial, and park and recreational programs. In 2012, the new construction single family home valuation was $21,313,174 with 64 permits. This set a new record for the city. There was also 81 duplex permits issued. Commerical growth valuation was $2.3 million. A full-time Parks and Recreational Coordinator was hired by the city. Also, “The Depot” is about complete connecting Bondurant to the East Polk County Bike Trail System and Chichaqua Valley Trails. “The Depot” is an open air shelter with restrooms and a water bottle fill station. The building is a replica of the original Bondurant train station.

The City of Bondurant is on the move. Future development plans include a new apartment complex and new businesses are moving to town. This includes a new grocery which is in high demand by the residents. The city is in the final stages of connecting to Waterwaste Reclamation Authority and to removing the sewer lagoons to allow for more growth. New traffic lights will be installed at 32nd Street SW and Hwy 65. These are just a few of the exciting new development plans for Bondurant, many more are in the works.

We at Dino’s Storage Bondurant are here to meet your needs during this growth period, whether you are a business or individual. We offer a 24/7 secured facility with non-climate control storage. Please feel free to call and discuss your situation and ask about our specials.

Cindy Sampson
Property Manager
411 Brick Street
Bondurant, Iowa 50035