5x10-with-furniture-2    In the years that I have been operating storage facilities there remains one consistency…..people always think they need a bigger size storage unit than what is actually needed.

Before using storage, it is a good idea to think things through, and decide what you would like your storage unit to do for you. For example: if you are going to be leaving your belongings stored away while out of town or just not using them, then you want to get the smallest possible unit, and pack everything tightly. If you have decided that using a storage unit will be part of your new lifestyle either from not having enough room, or moving from a large house into an apartment or condo, you may want to get a storage unit 35% bigger than what you had expected just to allow yourself the room inside to make seasonal changes, or to locate stored items much easier. Whatever the end result is for you, either bigger or smaller, you will enjoy your storage experience much more if you think these things through, and work with your property manager to make the right decision.

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This is a question I get occasionally while helping people with their storage needs.  Or some people don’t even think to ask about insurance coverage; they’ve never used storage before and it doesn’t occur to them to ask.

And most are surprised when I say the answer is No, ANY storage facility will tell you they do not insure the items you put in the building.  In no way, shape, or form can we be responsible for the items in the facility.  In the event of a tornado, fire, flood, storm damage, theft, etc, etc.;  the proper insurance coverage is the responsiblity of the tenant. It’s similar to renting a home, apartment, or business space. Your landlord doesn’t insure your belonging in your apartment and a storage facility can’t insure your belongings in your storage space.

I always tell my new tenants if you have homeowner’s insurance don’t just assume your things are covered while in storage; every policy is different and some only cover contents that are in the actual home.  So when you move those contents out the home and into a storage unit; you may have 10% of your policy coverage for those items; or worse yet, no coverage at all!!  I advise calling your agent and asking about something called “off premise policies”.  Tell them “these items are going into a storage facility, do I have my FULL policy coverage?”.  Depending on your individual policy, you may need to add some sort of renter’s rider or additional coverage.

A general renter’s policy will most times be sufficient to cover your belongs in storage, but again, every policy is different.  So if you haven’t, it is still a good idea to call your agent and make sure you have proper coverage.

While Dino’s Storage itself doesn’t insure your belongings; we do work with a company that does.  Bader Company is a storage insurance company that offers month to month policies, same as your storage lease.  If you don’t have existing coverage for your storage unit, don’t want to shop a policy on your own, or simply want additional coverage; ask your manager; it’s simple and the premium can be added to your monthly storage rent.  If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!!

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