Advantages of Humidity Controlled Storage

Humidity plays a serious roll when you store your items. Humidity is the amount of water vapors in the air. One advantange of climate controlled storage is protection from the elements. Dirt and dust are less likly to get into the units. When storing items like pictures, apppliances, wood furniture, antiques, musical instruments, documents, memorabilia, family heirlooms, mattresses and other important items, it is best to use climate controlled and humidity controlled storage. If you live in an area with moderate to high levels of humidity and/or extreme temperatures, you would want to use a facility that is climate controlled and humidiy controlled. Even in an area with low moisture levels you would want to consider climate comtrolled storage. Humidity is a problem in both summer and winter. Humidity levels should be maintained at 55% plus or minus a few points and the temperature controlled at 68 to 72 degrees year round. With Dino’s Storage, your items will be kept in the same condition when you leave the facility as they were when you brought them to the facility. Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn is located off of 20800 West Dodge Road. Stop in and check out our new climate and humidity controlled facility. Call Diane at 402-289-0923 and I will be happy to show you around.