Climate control is becoming more popular for storage. Items stored in a non climate controlled environment depend on outside weather conditions. In Nebraska we have cold, heat, and humdity which will often cause items to deteriorate. Not only are climate controlled units important in eliminating weather problems but the amount of dust your things are exposed to. Recently I had a tenant tell me that after 2 years storing in the climate control he had very little dust on his belongings. Before putting your items in storage you should think which items would benefit from climate controlled storage.

Climate control is good for items that are valuable or made of high quality material. One example is a mattress that can mold and mildew when exposed to the elements. Heat can lead to discoloration and deterioration of good clothing. Humidity is a probelm both in the summer and winter. Musical instruments often warp, crack, and break in non climatecontrolled units Electronics are very sensitive to moisture. Paper, books, and pictures can discolor, warp, and mildew when exposed to weather conditions over a period of time.

Take time to think before storing. Climate controlled units are not needed just for china, antiques, and leather but anything that is valuable to you. Dino’s Storage offers a variety of unit sizes in their climate controlled storage. I would be more than happy to show you our climate controlled building at 14301 Josephine or call Diana at 402 896 6500 for an appointment.