Caring for the Elderly

After the last 10 days caring for my elderly father, I realized that I never thought this would happen. Growing up my father was a strong person who could care for himself. He was there when we needed help at the farm, mowing the fields, fixing fences, rebuilding a stall and even fixing the tractor. He could do it all. To see what has happened to him the last 10 days is very difficult. He cannot walk on his own without help. We have to help him get in and out of bed. Help him get to the restroom. Help him get dressed. We have to make sure he takes his medication or he will take too much. Last week he took to many pills and he fell numerous times. His mind is not the best anymore. You have to keep telling him, “Don’t try to get up on your own.” but he wants to be independent. The last fall he hurt his leg and ankle. So now that has become a problem.  I never thought this would happen and it is a huge wake up. He always took care of us and now we take care of him. We will see what the next few weeks bring and hope for things to improve. He loves his home and wants to stay there, so we need to do our best. The reason I am telling you this is to appreciate your parents and don’t take them for granted. Help them like they helped you all your life. And remember it is not a burden, it is a privilege and the right thing to do.

Omaha’s Dino’s Storage-Reason For The Season

It’s that time of the year when you need to give thanks for what you have. You may think times are hard, but take a look around and see the less fortunate. There are many people out there that are homeless, cold and hungry. We need to remember these people and help them. Many have lost their jobs to cut backs. Some may be sick and can’t work. We may be worried about how we are going to buy all these presents for everyone. Remember that is not what Christmas is all about. Be thankful for what you have and give to the people that need help. Many need warm coats, hats and gloves. Many need warm meals and something warm to drink. A little kindness goes a long way and can bring smiles to many faces. Children that have never known what it is like to be warm and have hot meals. Pets that are left out in the cold and are hungry and freezing. They need help. Let’s step back and think about this and help. There are many organizations that you can donate to. Be thankful for what you have and give a little. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and remember what Christmas is all about.

Winter Time Storage

packing supplies des moines  It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. Time to get your Thanksgiving and Christmas items out. Time for all the holiday shopping and family gatherings. Then when all is said and done, where are you going to put all the extra things that you may not need until Spring or Summer? Storage is a great option. If you have items like electronics, pictures, antiques, furniture, family heirlooms or other valuable items, you may want to consider climate controlled and humidity controlled storage. Dino’s is a great start. Dino’s in Elkhorn has easy access climate controlled storage. It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dino’s has a large line of supplies for sale. Locks, packing boxes, TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, glass pack and dish boxes, mattress covers, sofa covers, bubble wrap, peanuts, shrink wrap and other items.

It is important to pack your items correctly. Stack the unit properly with heavy items on the bottom. Place items that you may want access to toward the front of the unit.Place like items together. Place delicate items in an enclosed box or container. Label your boxes or containers. That can help save you time if you are looking for a certain item. If you are using a non-climate unit, it is always a good idea to use wood pallets to put your items on. Non-climate units are great for storing cars, boats, trailers, campers and other things that you may not need in the winter or may not want to leave them outside in the weather. Our location is at 20800 West Dodge Road in Elkhorn. Stop in and see what we have to offer.

Fall is Upon Us

  There are always times when you do not have enough space in your home, garage or office to store your items such as Christmas decorations, lawn furniture, yard equipment and other seasonal items. Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn offers many different size units in both of our climate controlled storage and non climate controlled storage. Our facility is safe, secure and clean. We are always ready to help you with your needs. We have large units for anyone who may need storage while they are in the process of moving or staging their home. We offer 24-hour access to your units. It is a gated facility with security cameras. Manager is available Monday thru Saturday and by appointment.
Dino’s rents Penske trucks at a reasonable rate to help with your move. We sell packing supplies in our office such as locks, boxes, mattress covers, bubble wrap and other items. Dino’s in Elkhorn is located at 20800 West Dodge and we can be reached at 402-289-0923.

Summer is Finally Here!

It’s time to clean out the garage and make room for the vehicles. Dino’s Storage offers a variety of options for all your needs. We offer climate controlled units, non climate controlled units and outside parking. Our climate controlled units are 100 % humidity controlled and temperature controlled. Climate controlled units are great for furniture and electronics. It’s a good time to clean out the house if you have it on the market or just need a space while you are waiting for your new home. Our facility is clean and secure. It’s a great time to rent your storage space. Dino’s Storage in Elkhorn is a great location. Call Diane at 402-289-0923. We will be happy to show you around.

Giving back while glorifying God

Everyone’s talking about Dino’s Storage reader board!

We are consistently getting compliments on the quotes that are put on our reader board.  The reader board is a big deal for Dino’s Storage, we see this as our way to give back.  I can’t tell you how many times I get someone thanking me for what we put on our board.  The conversations always start off as “I had the worst day, until I saw the quote on your sign”.  To hear our quotes are an uplifting positive experience in lives, is amazing!  We take this as giving back to the community while glorifying God.  That is a simplified version of our mission and what is most important to the owner, Dave Paladino and me.

Below is some positive encouragement Diane, Property Manager of the Elkhorn location received.  When we get these comments they are breathtaking for me and I am grateful to be the Operations Manager of a company that is making an impact in the lives while spreading the word of God.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the updates that are made to the marquee outside your location.  I live in Fremont and work in Omaha. I drive by daily to work and it brings joy to my heart when I read each side of your sign.  GOD is amazing and He is Alive!

God Bless!

-wrote by Emily-

Quick Dino’s Storage Storing Tips

Storage tips:

Many people ask “how should I store my mattress as far as side or flat?” Storing your mattress in a breathable plastic bag will protect it from the elements. Here at Dino’s Storage we sell a wide range of breathable mattress bags and totes. Avoid storing your mattress in a thick plastic cover, as this will encourage condensation. Breathable plastic is enough to protect it from mold, dust and allergens while keeping it moisture-free. Mattresses are not meant to sit in storage for years, even with proper protection. In addition throw in a few laundry softener sheets for a nice scent. The retail stores have them on the sides so I don’t see a problem storing the same way as long as the mattress is a well constructed one. You can always come to you storage area and rotate the mattress also.

Welcome to the Dino’s Storage Blog


In 1999 Dave Paladino founded Dino’s Storage.  Dave has built Dino’s Storage into a multi-state and country company operating in Winnipeg Canada, Des Moines Iowa and headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our mission is to engage with the life events of our customers while providing physical present that speaks to the needs of the consumer.  Dino’s Storage number one core value is to glorify God in all that we do.  Most locations have a reader board that has inspirational quotes, stating the important messages from God.

Not just another storage facility, we are the top of the industry:

Dino’s Storage stands above all the rest in so many ways.  With being spread across both Omaha and Des Moines, we are conveniently located.  Activity involved with community programs such as Omaha Chambers of Commerce and several charities.  Forgot to mention, we offer a wide range of competitively priced moving supplies and rental moving trucks/ trailers.  Another above the rest is blogging.  Stay tuned to hear from all of the dedicated employees that make up the Dino’s Storage team. Visit us at or on facebook Dino’s Storage

Locations and Contacts:

Dave Paladino, President,

Jena Erickson, Operations Manager, or 402-916-4010


2 Downtown Omaha Facilities, Harney & Dodge Street 402-345-3466

Midtown Facility, 402-504-4600

Bellevue Facility, 402-293-4667

Papillion Facility, 402-331-1555

LaVista/ Millard Facility, 402-896-6500

Elkhorn/West Omaha Facility, 402-289-0923

West Maple/ Northwest Omaha Facility, Opening late summer of 2013

Matt Kaluza, Traveling Leasing Manager, or 402-968-5526


Bondurant Facility, 515-967-9346

2nd Ave/North Des Moines Facility, 515-280-5060

Se 14th/South Des Moines Facility, 515-953-3466


Winnipeg Facility 204-772-0526