Caring for the Elderly

After the last 10 days caring for my elderly father, I realized that I never thought this would happen. Growing up my father was a strong person who could care for himself. He was there when we needed help at the farm, mowing the fields, fixing fences, rebuilding a stall and even fixing the tractor. He could do it all. To see what has happened to him the last 10 days is very difficult. He cannot walk on his own without help. We have to help him get in and out of bed. Help him get to the restroom. Help him get dressed. We have to make sure he takes his medication or he will take too much. Last week he took to many pills and he fell numerous times. His mind is not the best anymore. You have to keep telling him, “Don’t try to get up on your own.” but he wants to be independent. The last fall he hurt his leg and ankle. So now that has become a problem.  I never thought this would happen and it is a huge wake up. He always took care of us and now we take care of him. We will see what the next few weeks bring and hope for things to improve. He loves his home and wants to stay there, so we need to do our best. The reason I am telling you this is to appreciate your parents and don’t take them for granted. Help them like they helped you all your life. And remember it is not a burden, it is a privilege and the right thing to do.