Myths and truth about storage units

Storage units can be simple in somewhat way. Storing  customer’s things in extra spaces owned by property owner and pay the monthly fee. However, it can be complicated somehow including all the leases and agreements, contracts talking about rent fees, insurance and auctions. Feels like some magic story, there are some myths about storage units. Let’s talk about myths about storage units out there with the real truth about it.

Myth 1 : Storage units are not safe and very easy to be broke in.

Truth : Storage units can be a target to burglars since some of the units are standing outside with single gate. However, storage units are kept very safe than everyone’s expectation than ever. Since customer’s belongings that are in the storage unit is under the storage company’s guard, it is hard to be stolen. One of the primary things that company concerns about is the security of the storage since the storage unit itself or the things inside can mean tons to them. Dino’s storage has lots of security camera in different angles watching storage unit 24 hours and are managed by our managers or service workers. Also, we are protected by security system that is not so easy to break in.

Myth 2: Storage units are scamming people to just sell things in auction.

Truth: The most way how storage company makes money is to collect rent from tenants and sign up with new customers. Auctions are the last option of the company when tenants owe for long time. The storage units should be cleaned for next tenants.

Myth3: Storage units are too big and hard to afford.

Truth: If you are concerning about spacing just because of little amount of your stuff, that is okay! Dino’s storage has lots of variety from 25qft to 1000sqft! The quotes are available depends on your situation.

Don’t get fooled by myths while you can have awesome storage unit with us!