Why self-storage during the pandemic?

The pandemic is getting worse and worse because of the virus spreading.
It makes billions of people lose their jobs and make an obstacle in front of their big life events. People are stuck in the current situation and place with everything piled up.

In this kind of situation, self-storage facilities like Dino’s Storage can be a big help. The storage facility with month to month rent payment can make you a space to breathe since you don’t have to think about lease and contract.

Whether it was a marriage, moving, or school, storage will help you to put everything in one place and give a space to think.

Also, self-storage has an automatic digital gate for people to access their own storage so it is not necessary to think about social distancing. You can get easy and fast access to your own storage unit whenever you want.

Little Things Lost

Our lives have been disrupted by the pandemic. Lock downs, financial difficulty, enormous unemployment, closed houses of worship and a whole lot more.

Who knows when something approaching normal will return? But when it does, will many of the little things be lost?

Will we ever shake hands again?
Will we ever be comfortable eating from a salad bar?
Will anyone want a slice of birthday cake after another has blown out the candles on it?
Will friends or lovers ever dip two straws into a glass or bottle of Coke to share it?
Will we welcome large groups for a family or neighborhood picnic?
Will we be comfortable in a crowded movie theater?
Will we stroll hand in hand along the boardwalk, sidewalk or beach?
Will our old jobs be there for us as society reopens?
Will those who can always work from home?

At this time, we don’t have many answers.

As Bob Dylan suggested long ago:
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Say a Prayer.