Which weather to move and store??

Moving things to store in a self-storage facility requires a lot of physical activity. When it is cold, hot, sunny, rainy, it is hard to find perfect weather to move to the storage facility. However, we can find a better one than the other.

Many people think it is not great to move during a sunny and hot day because it will make people who move very tired. True. It is not a smart thing to move under the sun and it can be also dangerous.

Thus, many people look for cloudy weather when it is likely to be humid. However, that is not a great idea.

Some storage facilities like Dino’s Storage has a dehumidifier and air conditioner for their climate-controlled units. However, if the item is not in great condition when it is stored, it can affect the whole storing time.

Humidity, when stored, can make all the water-sensitive products stored in a wet and humid condition which can be very critical when they are going to be stored in one place for a long time.

Find a day without a cloud and humidity. It is hard to move under the sun, so pick a time around 6 p.m.-8 p.m. It will be great if you have a storage unit with a facility that has 24 hours access like us!

Why self-storage during the pandemic?

The pandemic is getting worse and worse because of the virus spreading.
It makes billions of people lose their jobs and make an obstacle in front of their big life events. People are stuck in the current situation and place with everything piled up.

In this kind of situation, self-storage facilities like Dino’s Storage can be a big help. The storage facility with month to month rent payment can make you a space to breathe since you don’t have to think about lease and contract.

Whether it was a marriage, moving, or school, storage will help you to put everything in one place and give a space to think.

Also, self-storage has an automatic digital gate for people to access their own storage so it is not necessary to think about social distancing. You can get easy and fast access to your own storage unit whenever you want.