5 Family Dogs

When it comes to a family dog, there are many important things to look at. Some examples are dog size, training, and personality. Personality is the biggest one. Within a family, no one wants an aggressive dog that could cause harm to themselves or their kids. This is a list of 5 family dogs. There is no order in this list.

  1. Retrievers      

When it comes to Retrievers, all the different breeds are known to be gentle. The American Kennel Club says Golden Retrievers are friendly and devoted. The U.S. Service Animals say that Gold Retrievers are great leaders. An example of how these dogs are gentle, is by how they grab things. It doesn’t matter if they are working or around children, these dogs do not bite. They will pick up the items with their teeth, gently. Labrador Retrievers are another popular dog. The American Kennel Clubs says that Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds, in America. These dogs are patient and easygoing, but athletic. These dogs are good for energetic people. This is because Labrador retrievers can stay busy for hours, without getting tired.

  • Beagles

If you want a dog for protection, beagles are not the way to go. They are known to be extremely friendly. Instead of protecting, they would try to make a new friend. Beagles were bred to hunt in packs. This causes them to enjoy being around other dogs. But Beagles are not low maintenance. They are in constant curiosity, this causes them to get into trouble. It is said that their antics are more entertaining and enjoyable than bothering some.

  • Collie

Collies’ personalities are sweet and gentle. They have a great personality, but doesn’t mean these dogs don’t have some flaws. One of the biggest one is that they are stubborn. So training is important. This isn’t a problem because Collies are known to be easy to train. Since these dogs are bred to herd, they are likely to try and herd your kids. This could be because they created a connection with the children, wanting to protect them. There are a few varieties of collies that one could get.

  •  Newfoundland

These dogs might be giant, but are very gentle. They are loyal dogs that will protect their loved ones. These would be great dogs to have around your children. This is because they will protect your children and not cause harm to them. You can’t go wrong with this breed. Newfoundland’s can be found inside, cuddling. But these dogs do contain different amount of energies, requiring different amounts of exercise.

  • Bulldog  

Look wise these dogs are muscular and big. But their hearts are even bigger. They are known to be mellow and friendly. When it comes to protecting, they are very protective of the family. These dogs are loyal and good-natured, but they can have a stubborn streak.