Happy Holidays From Bellevue’s Dino’s Storage!!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and its time to go through the paper work from the past year and put them in a secure place. We have units available in smaller sizes in climate control if you are looking to store just the important papers that you don’t want to lose or get damaged.

We also have larger units for your business needs.  If you need to store paperwork from past clients or customers that you need to save but do not need daily access. We have the units available that allow you the room to store them whether in boxes, shelves, or in file cabinets.

Happy Holidays from the Managers at Bellevue Dino’s Storage. Remember to take the time to enjoy your family and loved ones at this festive time of year.

Dino’s Customer Service

   We strive to have great customer service and do what we can for our customers. Just last week we had a customer come in that had an emergency situation. She needed to have a storage unit and have her mother moved out of her house that day. She didn’t realize that we also have Penske trucks for rent. Needless to say, she rented a Penske truck from us. She got everything that she needed done in the time that she needed to. When she returned the Penske truck to us she came in to personally thank us for the professional service and all the help that we provided. It certainly makes my day when I have those customers that make the extra effort to show their appreciation. That is exactly the kind of customer service that we like to provide to our customers and you can expect to receive at Dino’s Storage. Here are some of the great reviews that Dino’s Storage gets from our customers:

“I will come back again if I need storage again. Thank you!” 🙂 – Rebecca B.
“Tammy was very friendly and helpful.” – Marcus J.
“Thanks for keeping our items safe and secure.” – Keith B
“I’d like to thank all the staff – they were very helpful.” – Brian T.
“Was treated very well by staff and will always recommend Dino’s to my friends. Thank you.” – Clyde K.
“Good customer service. Thanks a lot!” – Michelle M.

If you ever have any questions or would like to come in and see us about a storage unit you can contact Jennie or Tammy at our Bellevue Facility at 1001 Cornhusker Rd – 402-293-4667

Never Give Up…Dino’s Storage Keeps Their Vows

Dino’s Storage will not give up and cave in to a faithless society.  Dino’s Storage keeps their vows to our customers.

Definition of vow: a set of promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling or course of action, typically to marriage or a monastic career.

Breaking of vows is more common than most want to believe.  Our society has developed the expectation that keeping our word isn’t a top priority, more of a minor detail.  Take the airline companies for example, they overbook a large percent of their seats to compensate for expected no shows.  I don’t understand how this is acceptable. Seldom have I heard someone say “my flight was overbooked” but more “they lost my luggage or we don’t get a drink/snack during flight any longer”.  Which leads me to believe the reason why airlines overbook is because we are not sticking to our word on showing up.  Other examples include business practices, sport teams, parenthood and marriage.

The generation of my great grandparents, keeping a vow was normal practice and an expectation of society.  Those who would not keep their vows were shunned by others around them and commonly people would stop doing business with those.  Evolution from that generation to the current one, is the fulfillment of a vow is conditional.

Dino’s Storage will not give up and or give into this practice.  We value our customers and keep our vow to them.  Ultimately Dino’s Storage wants to help people who have too much stuff.  Whether that be for a minimal moment in time to organize a house that you want to put on the market or you want to preserve items for your future generations.  Dino’s Storage wants to continue to move the bar forward and set industry standards by staying true to our word.

At Dino’s Storage our number one priority is treating our customers and employees with the highest degree of service while preserving our vows as a company and who we are.

If you want to do business with a company with values and true to their word, contact us.  Dino’s Storage never gives up and keeps to their vows.  Visit our website to contact your nearest location at www.dinosstorage.com or www.dinosstorage.ca