Blues, Greens Hot Choices for Office

The color of an office could affect productivity and even mood, a growing body of color psychology research says. Workplaces are becoming more mindful of the influence wall colors have on their employees, Lasse Karvinen, head of product at Framery, a Finnish company that designs silent work “pods” for offices, told

Beige and light grays continue to be popular colors in designing modern workplaces, but more offices are also incorporating blues and greens – and for a strategic reason too. Greens, in particular, have become a popular color in workplaces, Karvinen says. “Green is said to create a level of alertness and is often incorporated into health care spaces for this reason,” he notes. “So it’s interesting to see that being tied into today’s workplace. I also feel many are turning to green as it continues to gain strength from its association with a shift toward eco-consciousness.”

More workplaces also are adding in blues. Blue is usually associated as a more relaxing hue, but researchers say it won’t make your employees sleepy. “While blue might be perceived as a more relaxing color, blue light – specifically around the 17,000k color temperature – is actually better at making people feel more energized, or at least less sleepy,” Ben Hamley, future of work lead at JLL Asia Pacific, told “This is because it suppresses the body’s natural production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, the pattern that determines when we naturally sleep and wake. You may have noticed newer phone updates will give you the option to ‘shift’ the color of the LEDs in the screen to be more reddish at night so you won’t be kept awake at night by your TikTok feed.”

To-Do Lists Are Keys to Efficiencyto-do-list

If you find yourself forgetting to do something important, being nagged to get something done or simply overwhelmed by the tasks you are facing, learn to keep a “To-Do List.”

To-Do Lists are prioritized lists of the tasks that you need to do. They list everything you need to accomplish, with the most important tasks at the top of the list, and the least important tasks at the bottom.

Keeping a To-Do List ensures that your tasks are written down in one place so you don’t forget anything important. By prioritizing tasks, you can tell what needs your immediate attention, and what can be left for later.

Used effectively, To-Do Lists will keep you better organized and more reliable. Using To-Do Lists also will cut your stress levels and allow you to focus on high value activities, making you more productive.


You may find it helpful to get in the habit of spending a few minutes at the start or end of the day to organize your tasks for the upcoming day.

And while you’re organizing your activities, think about organizing your household. Make it a priority to figure out what’s in the way, little used or taking up space that could be better utilized. You can pack up all those things and take them to the nearest Dino’s Storage where they can be safely housed until you need them sometime in the future.