The 70s Return in Home Decor

Folks everywhere are adding splashes of 1970s style in updated, modern ways.

From dip dyed wall hangings to simple plant hangers, macrame is returning in a big way. Whether you buy these items ready more or learn to make them yourself, macrame offers an easy way to add texture and an artistic touch to your home.

The blazing orange walls of the ‘70s may not be returning, but home owners are using more dynamic colors to define the interiors of their homes. Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams has designated a bold, jewel-toned blue-green color, Oceanside SW 6496, as its 2018 color of the year. Sue Williams of Sherwin-Williams says “this trendy color is perfect for a ‘70s palette.” She suggests using it along with brighter pops or orange or gren for accents like throw pillows.

Remember the shag carpet you raked? Well, shagadelic is a resurgent design trend. Home owners often buy these rugs for children’s areas.

Wicker, that staple of sun porch furniture for generations, is making a big comeback. From chairs and headboards to mirror frames, wicker is available in a wide array of colors. It can be used to create the perfect centerpiece in a bedroom, living room or even on the sun porch.

It wasn’t easy to avoid greenery in the ‘70s as it seemed every home was overflowing with plants. The love of indoor greenery is back. Everything from large potted plants in the corner to hanging basket plants is in vogue right now.