Spring Cleaning & Storage

It’s Spring! Warmer days, still cool nights and plenty of work to do inside and outside the house.

clutterIt’s time to put away the snow blower and the sleds and break out the yard tools and bicycles. Time to haul out the hoses, rake the leaves and clean up the yard. Time to clear out the gutters, wash the windows and clean the window screens. It’s time to straighten up the garage, clean the floor and finally stow those Christmas items, skates, hockey sticks and whatever else you stacked in the corners.

There’s plenty more to be done and lots of things you’ll need to get out for the spring and summer seasons. But first you need to make room for the new season by packing away the winter things.

That’s where Dino’s Storage can help!

Give us a call, reserve a storage space and bring those winter things to our nearest storage facility. You’ll make plenty of room for the summer tools and toys. All the winter clutter will be out of sight and out of mind until you swap it all out when you bring in the summer things later, much later, in the year and retrieve what you need for next winter.