2020 was a stressful year, but we all got through it. But this doesn’t mean that the stress we experience will go away. We all have experienced stress at one point of our lives. We can have stress because of work, school and family. Relationships can cause us stress. But how should we deal with the stress? There are many ways to deal with our stress. One of them could be: petting a dog. Yes, petting a dog can help a human with their physical and mental health.

There are many different benefits when it comes to dogs, but one of the biggest one is comforting humans. There are many reasons on why dogs are the best at comforting when it comes to stress. The first one is that they live in the moment. They aren’t stuck in the past or stressing about the future. They enjoy what is happening in the moment. This is very hard for humans to do because we are always worrying or stressing about the future or thinking about the past. Secondly, they are always forgiving. An example of this is- the owner steps on the dogs paws or gets mad at the dog, owners often feel guilty after the accident. But the dogs are able to move on a couple of minutes. With humans, we often hold grudges against one another. If we are already feeling stressed, holding a grudge could add onto this stress. This is not because we want it to, but we are human and it happens.

Dogs provide companionship. This is important when it comes to stress because there are people who find comfort in talking to their dog. For some people, talking out problems can help them feel better and find a solution. We are human and we need that human connection. If we aren’t able to connect with others, then there is a possibility that one could start feeling alone and sad. A dog’s companionship can help us feel less lonely. This is because dog’s are known to be loyal to their owners. This loyalty can help us feel better, especially during Covid. With Covid, we are all trying to stay safe and healthy. This causes us to distance ourselves from others. One good thing that came out of this pandemic is that we have picked up new hobbies, like exercising.

Exercising is an activity that can help with stress. It is very difficult to get into thought. The soreness that is felt after working out. The energy that it takes. It’s not an activity that all find enjoyable. But taking a dog along with you might make it more enjoyable. It’s also beneficial for both parties. For humans, they are exercising more and gaining a healthier lifestyle. For dogs, it helps them with their behavior. They are less likely for them to act out and misbehave. If you are able to exercise everyday then this could help you build a routine. With dogs, a routine is good for them. It keeps them calm. It can help you get a routine too. Routines are important because they help with coping with stress.

Dogs can help with a routine and dealing with stress. It is important to take care of yourself and your needs. Dogs are way to help with that. But if you don’t like dogs and you’re more of a cat person, then cats are able to provide similar help.