Fun Facts About Self-storage

Storage facilities bigger than McDonalds??

McDonalds has many, many different locations. Most would think that McDonalds has the most amount of buildings, in different locations. But this is wrong. Storage facilities have more buildings around the United Sates than McDonalds. There is around 45,000-60,000 storage facilities all over the United States. McDonalds has around 14,000 buildings. Even if we added the amount of Starbucks buildings, it still isn’t even half of the storage facilities. This was surprising to learn because we would think that McDonalds and Starbucks are more popular. But when it comes to storing personal or extra items, it is more important. It also shows us that Americans require more storage because they have too much stuff.

America- #1 Hoarders?

Americans are the biggest users of storage facilities. They are known to be the #1 hoarders. This does not seem to be too surprising because we do like our items. With being able to store items, we are more likely open to buying more items. Also, there is a possible chance that we might need the item again in the future. There are many people that think like this. They never know if they might need the item again so they are more likely to want to keep the items. If they keep on keeping items, then they’re going to need a space to put all these items. Self-storage makes this easy. People are able to go to self-storage facilities that they can store their own item. Usually, people prefer this way because they have control. They are able to get access to the items when they want (within the companies’ business hours).

Users of Self-storage

Everyone is able to use self-storage. Families use it to store extra items because they need more room. Young couples that have their set of furniture, that are planning on moving in with each other. Someone who is moving into a different space and need a place to store their items, for a short period of time. There are plenty more reasons that one might need to store their items. But did you know that businesses are also able to store their items at a self-storage facility? This is because small businesses or organizations might have extra product that isn’t being used. They could also need a place to store the inventory that hasn’t been sold yet. There are also people who use self-storage to store documents and more. This is because self-storage units try to be as secure as they can. There are many cameras and locks that are used at the self-storage facilities. Some people enjoy auctioning for the units, at the storage facility. This could because they find enjoyment out of it. They could also like to do it because they found an item that they want.