Interesting Items Found In Storage Auctions

Beach Boys’ Documents

When it comes to famous people, their items go for a lot. But what if you found a unit full of their music? The Beach Boys lyrics, contracts, musical arrangements, and royalty checks were found in a storage unit. The reason the documents were in a storage unit was because one of the band member’s relatives put it in there, for safe-keeping. Throughout the years, the relative fell behind on storage payments. This means that the unit is put up for auction. In the early 2000s, a radio station paid hundreds of dollars for a unit. The only thing that they knew about the storage unit was that it contained documents and papers. But to their surprise when they opened the unit, and found documents that belonged to the Beach Boys. When the Beach Boys found out, they brought it to court and tried to get the documents back. But after 8 years, the documents were sold for about 10 million.

James Bond’s Car

            A man spent around a $100 on a unit, in 1989. This was considerably cheap for what the item was. The man and his brother went to go cut the lock. At first glance, it was nothing exciting. They found a beat up white car in the unit. The car didn’t have any wheels and had a dented roof. As this man was driving, onlookers were telling him that this car was in a James Bond movie. But the man never seen a James Bond movie. So, he went out and checked out a James Bond movie. He figured out that there were eight different versions of the car. But the people only knew were 7 of the cars were. He had the eighth car, that couldn’t be found. The car that this man won was used for promotions. Later on, this man put the car up for auction. It was bought for around $1 million. The buyer was no other than the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Jackson Pollock’s Paintings

            In 2018, a couple were opening up a thrift store. This caused them to purchase a storage unit, for $45. When they opened up the storage unit, they had found 26 paintings. Most of them were signed “Jackson Pollock”. But the couple’s excitement did not last long. They searched up the collection and saw articles that were saying that there were fake paintings that were being shared. It was not disclosed if the paintings were real or not. There was another time that Pollock’s paintings were found. There was a man that was cleaning out his mother’s storage unit. When he was cleaning it, he found 32 paintings. It did not go into detail about if the paintings were real or not. If they were real, then the value of the paintings could be around $10 million.