3 Food That Dogs Should Not Eat


            Dogs cannot eat pits from peaches, apricots, cherries, and plums. The first reason is because the dogs could choke on the pit. Pits are usually hard to break down. If the dog is unable to break down the pit, then it could get stuck in their throat, causing the dog to stop breathing. Even if the dog was able to swallow the pit, it could get stuck in the intestines. This could cause fatal problems. But the biggest problem is that the pits are poisonous. This is because there is amygdalin, which is a form of cyanide, in the pits. So if a dog consumes a lot of pits then it could cause fatal problems, like kidney failure. If you are planning on getting a peach, apricot, cherry, or plum tree then I would be careful. This gives the dog easier access to the pit of the fruits. But it is not only the pits that are poisonous. The leaves and stems are also poisonous. The suggestion would be to keep the dogs away or keep the yard very clean. They could get sick even if they eat a little over time because it will start to build up. This is because the dog’s body can’t digest the amygdalin.




Potato, Tomato, and Rhubarb Leaves

            When it comes to potatoes and tomatoes, dogs should not eat these raw or the foliage of the plants. This is because they contain solanine (a poison). If the dog gets some solanine into the system, it could affect the function of their nervous system and the organs. Solanine would affect the main organs of the body, like the liver, brain, lungs, heart, and kidneys. If the dog digest a lot of solanine, then it would affect the dog heavily. It is okay for a dog to eat a ripe tomato here and there. This is because it contains less amount of solanine in the fruit. Unripe fruits contains more solanine. If you have a these plants in your garden, make sure that the dog can’t get to them. Rhubarb leaves are also poisonous for the dogs. This is because the leaves contain oxalic acid. Ingesting the leaves could cause intense pain and irritation. Most animals will stop eating these plants because of the pain. But there are some animals that will get through the pain and eat more of it. If the dog does eat a larger amount, then they need to go to the emergency room.




Caffeine, Chocolate, and Tea

                      The reason that dogs can’t ingest caffeine, chocolate, and tea is because of theobromine. This is because the dogs can’t fully digest theobromine. Theobromine will start to build up in the dog’s system, which will cause it to become toxic. If the dog digest caffeine, chocolate, or tea, the dog could lose control over their muscles, have tremors, or seizures. It could also cause the dog to throw up. But this isn’t all bad because throwing up could remove some of the theobromine. Some other foods that contain theobromine is energy drinks, diet pills, sodas, and hot chocolate. If the dog digest a drop of caffeine, chocolate, or tea, then the dog should be okay. But in case, you should bring the dog in for a vet visit.