What To Look For In A Storage Facility

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Storage facilities can be found in old and new communities across the country. There are several factors you should consider before making your decision on what facility you will store your belongings with.

  • Cost – Shop around and get prizes from several facilities. Be sure to understand what your exact financial responsibility will be.
  • Size – What size will you need and is that size available?
  • Climate – Do you need climate or non-climate control? Will your items be stored on cement or dirt? Does the facility have the potential to flood?
  • Insurance – Do you currently have a renter or home owner’s policy? Check with your agent to see what your coverage is. Does the facility provide any coverage you can purchase?
  • Security – Secure your unit with a “closed shackle padlock” commonly known as a disc lock. Does the facility have a security gate/door? Is the property fenced? Does it have security cameras?
  • Access – What hours do you have access? Is your unit easily accessible? Does the facility provide moving equipment you can access?
  • Contract – Does the facility offer a written lease? Be sure to understand the terms of the lease from payment to termination requirements. Make sure the facility has multiple ways of contacting you.

At Dino’s Storage Bondurant, you are financially responsible for your monthly rent, a $10 application fee, and your padlock. We do have insurance and packing supplies available for purchase. We are a non-climate control facility with 5×10, 10×10, 10×20, and 10×25 size units available. Your items are stored on cement and we are a well drained facility. You have access 24/7 and will be provided a code for our security gate. We are fenced and have cameras on the property. Our leases are on a month to month basis.

To discuss your situation and find out more about our facility, call my office at 515-967-9346.

Cindy Sampson
Property Manager
411 Brick Street
Bondurant, Iowa 50035