Your Security Matters to Dino’s

Dino’s self storage facilities have many lines of defense to protect your property – fences, locked indoor storage buildings, security cameras etc. But, the last line of defense for your goods is a solid, reliable lock on your individual storage unit.

Even in the most sophisticated and well-maintained facilities, such as ours, break-ins have occurred. It’s virtually impossible to be aware of what everyone on our property is doing at any given moment. Our security cameras serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves. But they may not deter the most determined thieves.

Our security gates only allow access for our current tenants. But, it may be possible for somebody to speedily step on the gas following a tenant and beat the gate shutting back, and get onto the property.

A serious, solid secure lock on your personal storage unit is the best and final measure to provide an extra layer of protection for your property.

disclockTo that end, we exclusively sell locks from Chateau and most strongly recommend the Chateau Disc Lock – the best padlock on the market.

This disc lock offers a solid combination of security and ease-of-use. In fact, it’s just as fast for you to take on and off as any other simple padlock. Just one twist of the key will get you in and out. It is, ,however, a much different story for anyone hoping to tamper with your lock. These disc locks are extremely difficult to remove. For that very reason, we strongly recommend them for the to our self storage customers.

The Chateau Disc Lock is a super secure device. Note in the photo that the rounded latch is only partially exposed at the top of the lock. That piece right there is specially hardened, and impossible to cut with regular bolt cutters. It just can’t be done. Thereis no place on the lock body for industrial bolt cutters to find a place to cut. This lock will reliably defeat any pair of bolt cutters your average thug would have on hand.

It may be possible to “rake” these storage locks open with a combination of a professional pick and a homemade tool, but that would take an in-depth knowledge of lock-picking to do quickly and effectively. All in all, this Chateau Disc Lock is one of the most widely used locks on storage properties today.

We also sell a variety of moving and storage supplies provided by Chateau to give the best available quality to our customers.