Your Security Matters to Dino’s

Dino’s self storage facilities have many lines of defense to protect your property – fences, locked indoor storage buildings, security cameras etc. But, the last line of defense for your goods is a solid, reliable lock on your individual storage unit.

Even in the most sophisticated and well-maintained facilities, such as ours, break-ins have occurred. It’s virtually impossible to be aware of what everyone on our property is doing at any given moment. Our security cameras serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves. But they may not deter the most determined thieves.

Our security gates only allow access for our current tenants. But, it may be possible for somebody to speedily step on the gas following a tenant and beat the gate shutting back, and get onto the property.

A serious, solid secure lock on your personal storage unit is the best and final measure to provide an extra layer of protection for your property.

disclockTo that end, we exclusively sell locks from Chateau and most strongly recommend the Chateau Disc Lock – the best padlock on the market.

This disc lock offers a solid combination of security and ease-of-use. In fact, it’s just as fast for you to take on and off as any other simple padlock. Just one twist of the key will get you in and out. It is, ,however, a much different story for anyone hoping to tamper with your lock. These disc locks are extremely difficult to remove. For that very reason, we strongly recommend them for the to our self storage customers.

The Chateau Disc Lock is a super secure device. Note in the photo that the rounded latch is only partially exposed at the top of the lock. That piece right there is specially hardened, and impossible to cut with regular bolt cutters. It just can’t be done. Thereis no place on the lock body for industrial bolt cutters to find a place to cut. This lock will reliably defeat any pair of bolt cutters your average thug would have on hand.

It may be possible to “rake” these storage locks open with a combination of a professional pick and a homemade tool, but that would take an in-depth knowledge of lock-picking to do quickly and effectively. All in all, this Chateau Disc Lock is one of the most widely used locks on storage properties today.

We also sell a variety of moving and storage supplies provided by Chateau to give the best available quality to our customers.

Dino’s on SE 14th in Des Moines, Iowa

Hello I would like to introduce myself; my name is Jill Madonia. I am the Property Manager at the Dino’s Storage located at 5327 SE 14th in Des Moines, IA. (515) 953-3466.
Dino's Storage SE 14th

I have recently joined the spectacular Dino’s team a few short months ago. I am really proud to manage such a great facility. Like ALL Dino’s facilities, my facility is kept clean and secure! Those of you that are familiar with my south side Des Moines location, know us not only by our great storage reputation BUT also know us by the “Spiritual Quotes” that we put up weekly on our outside reader board. This is something Dino’s takes seriously and is honored to receive the wonderful comments we get from people on these quotes. I even get phone calls from people who are unable to drive by to read the board and they want to know what the quote is for the week. This is truly wonderful! With that said, you will find at my facility a warm welcome and eagerness to help you with any storage questions. I believe in treating people with kindness and respect.
My inventory on units range from 5×5, 10×4, 10×5, 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 or 10×30. I have climate and non-climate controlled units available. We require NO DEPOSIT, ONLY a $10 Application Fee. Your unit is pro-rated for the month when moving in. We rent on a month-to-month basis so you are never stuck with a long term lease! The facility is fully gated and secured with cameras with audio. I also carry about every item needed when packing to move or to store your items. My supplies include: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, mattress covers, chair and sofa covers, picture pouches, disc locks and much more…
Give me a call or stop by and let me show you some storage units and take the worry and stress out of your storage experience! Don’t forget to ask about our monthly special!!
Now I will end with this by -Aesop
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



“What is the difference between a pad lock and a disc lock…”.  While I don’t require a specific type of lock be used at my facility, I generally recommend the disc lock (and so do most other self storage facilities).  Even at the best storage facilities with the best security, there are no guarantees and theft is still a concern; same as it is at your home or with your automobile.  A disc lock is stainless steel vs. most pad locks are laminated steel; and because the disc lock has a shorter shank it can not be cut with a bolt cutter like most pad locks can; thus it is more secure.

“But I don’t have anything of value in my storage unit…”. I still recommend the disc lock. Thieves only know what’s in a unit after they break into it and riffle through all your stuff. Usually leaving it a damaged, mangled, mess.  To cut off a disc lock you need a metal grinder and it takes a while; unlike being able to snip off a pad lock which takes only seconds.  As a storage facility manager, I’m experienced at cutting locks and it can still take me a good 15 minutes to cut through a disc lock; most thieves don’t have that kind of time to stand in front of a storage unit without raising suspicion.  Most thieves breaking into a storage facility are hitting multiple units; so they want to break in to units they can access quickly and easily. If you have a disc lock it can act as a deterrent in that type of situation and they usually pass your unit by; which means no mangled mess for you to reorganize.

“If someone really wants to break in to a unit, they are going to break in regardless of what type of lock is on it….”.   Yes that is true.  But in the event you run into a really determined thief that does take the time to grind through a disc lock; having a disc lock vs. pad lock can still be beneficial in the claim process.  Some insurance carriers (including Bader, the company we work with) will waive the deductible on an insurance claim if the tenant was using a disc lock on the unit.  If you secure the unit with a pad lock, you pay the deductible on the claim.

The cost of a pad lock at my facility is $12 dollars and the cost of a disc lock is only $15.  So even though the disc lock is a little more expensive when you are already talking about the loss of having your unit broken into; $5 dollars can at least save you the further loss of having to pay a deductible to replace those items.