Better Days Ahead with Dino’s Storage

The days are getting longer again, and we are down to just weeks of winter, and as bad as winter always is, we have been very fortunate to live where we do, as opposed to the east coast, or maybe North Dakota!

Spring always seems to be the time when people get motivated, do their spring cleaning, and all swoop down on the storage business. I would rather spend some boring winter weekends boxing things up, making a plan, and get all my spring stuff done NOW, so that when the weather changes, I won’t be overwhelmed with all of the projects that I have procrastinated on. Our lots at Dino’s are always plowed, and our moving trucks stay on the road.

We all got to enjoy a VERY exciting Super Bowl this year, and now, I for one look forward to enjoying a good SAFE Winter Olympics……….all of our prayers should go out to all in Sochi. I sure wish we had a Dino’s location there, I would sure be volunteering for duty.