How to Blog in WordPress

Everyone knows how to blog because most people, especially girls, have been doing it for a long time. Writing in journals, diaries, storytelling, and much more. So its kind of simple; all you are doing is putting your thoughts in a place that the world can see them! Don’t let that freak you out and make you not want to blog because it’s not that big of a deal. Blogging is kind of like reality t.v. except without all of the drama. Now that you know a little about blogging, let’s talk about how to do it in WordPress.

Log in page

Adding a new post

Creating your blog
Using WordPress. First, you have to come up with a catchy title. Most of the time this title is part of what you are writing about. Next, you just let out what is on your mind. Blogging can be anything from something that really happened and you want more people to know about all the way to a place you dreamed up. You can also use this blog to promote Dino’s Storage.

The typing part shouldn’t be too difficult, but when it comes to media you might get stuck. For videos you can upload them a few different ways. First, you want to click on the upload button, right above this box you are typing in, and add media. In the add media you can choose from something that is in the library or upload images/videos from your computer. Sometimes the videos may be too big. In that case the easiest way to get them into your blog you will want to upload your videos to your youtube page. Once the video is uploaded you will need to copy and paste the URL at the beginning of your blog before any of the words. Make sure if you are doing a video via youtube that you are in HTML not Visual otherwise your video will still not work.

Copying URL


Pasting URL

Tags. Those are pretty simple. What you want to do for them is just like any other blog. Find the most common words or words that you think would be a popular search word and put them in the tags bar. Make sure to separate each word/ phrase with a comma.


Well I think that should cover everything, so…..

….. just be yourself and have fun Blogging!!