When browsing news articles I always see lists for Top Cities to work…raise a family…find a job…start a business…housing, etc.  While reading these I’ve noticed not only is Omaha on these lists, but usually in the top 10.  Making a list is good; to make the Top 10 repeatedly is awesome!!  It makes me proud to say I live in Omaha (and I’m staying here)!!!

 Just a few of the lists where Omaha has made the top 10 in 2013:

  • No. 1: Least Financial Stress(households in 77 metro areas) ( 2013)
  •   No. 1: The 10 Best Cities to Raise A Family in America ( 2013)
  • No. 3: Number of Economic Development Projects (for MSA’s with population between 200,000 and 1 million) (Site Selection Magazine-March 2013)
  • No. 6: Most Secure Places to Live in the U.S. (Farmers Insurance Group-June 2013)
  • No. 7: Top 10 Best American Cities to Live In ( 2013)
  •   No. 9: Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs (mid-size cities) ( 2013)
  •   No. 9: The 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs (Forbes-April 2013)
  • No. 10: Best Cities to Start a Business ( 2013)

Just a few of the lists where Omaha has made the top 10 in 2012:

  • No. 1: Best Financial Health ( 2012)
  • No. 1: 7 U.S. Cities with the Biggest Bang for Your Buck (The Fiscal Times-June 2012)
  • No. 2: Top 10 Cities with the Best Economies for Families (Parenting-July 2012)
  • No. 5: Top Cities Friendly to Small Business ( 2012)
  • No. 5: Best Cities to Find a Job (US News-January 2012)
  • No. 7: Healthiest Housing Markets in 2013 ( 2012)
  • No. 7: Most Business-Friendly Cities ( 2012)
  • No. 10: Cities with the Most Corporate Clout (Martin Prosperity Institute-July 2012)

Reflections of Customer Appreciation

As we decorate our abodes to bring warmth and cheer through the winter that is here, we should all take time to reflect before the New Year.  Nearly half of the people that come into my office are in a transitional period in their lives.  I feel blessed to be able to help my wonderful customers with not only their storage needs but more often then not, I have been a shoulder to cry on and an ear when they need someone to listen or if they are just so excited about an event in their life and want to share what they are going through.


My customers are very important to me and I would like to share a small token of my appreciation with all of you!  I have placed my business cards all over the tree that I have decorated in my office and each card has a number on the back of it.  Anyone who rents a unit in December will be able to choose a card from the tree for a chance at one of the following gifts:  padlock, disk lock, administrative fee waived or a surprise gift! And any current customer that has a non-delinquent account on December 31, 2013 will be automatically be entered to receive 1 of 6 rent credits ranging from $5 to $30! 

I would like to leave you with one final thought as I had a friend share these 7 Cardinal Rules of Life with me and I would like to share them with you:

1)      Make peace with your past, so it will not disturb your present.
2)      What other people think of you is none of your business.
3)      Time heals almost everything.  Give it time.
4)      No one is in charge of your happiness.  Except you.
5)      Do not compare your life to others and do not judge them, you have no idea what their journey is all about.
6)      Stop thinking too much.  It’s alright not to know the answers.  They will come to you when you least expect it.
7)      Smile.  You do not own all of the problems in the world.

As I sat here and read this, I did reflect on how these ideas apply to my own life but I also thought about all of the stories that my customers have shared with me over the years and how each of their journeys correlated with at least once of these rules.  Perhaps as you sit here and read this, one of the rules stands out for you as well.  I think that it is important for all of us to reflect and remember that we are all dealing with some bit of a struggle in our lives but it is those challenges that make us stronger as a person.  Please carry these rules or ideas with you on a daily basis, find peace within yourself, be kind to your neighbor and always smile and have fun!!

Self Storage for Businesses

Most people think that storage facilities are only used for individuals storing personal items. I hear this often when business owners call to ask about storage options, storage units for businesses big or small are a great way to save money and space. Prime example here at Cedardale; I have several businesses who store seasonal items, items needing archived, and especially now with the overflow of holiday items they do not have room for. Utilizing space in a business is important so remember that Self Storage for businesses is very common and a great way to help your business grow.

Forbes Ranks Des Moines #1

Forbes Magazine has ranked Des Moines the #1 place for business and careers. Des Moines was the only metro city to rank in the top quartile for 9 of the 12 measures. In 2012, Des was ranked 4th, has finished in the top 10 since 2007 and also ranked #1 in 2010.

Des Moines offers businesses a skilled workforce with 36% of the population having college degrees and 92% high school diplomas. The metro is very attractive for young professionals and the business community is very active in supporting programs and organizations that engage them.

Des Moines has a strong presence in the financial and insurance industries, with large employers like Wells Fargo, Aviva, Wellmark, and Principal Financial Group, to name a few. Companies are recognizing the areas strengths and benefits and reinvesting in the area. Business costs are 17% below national average and energy costs are 22% below. This has attracted data centers for Facebook and Microsoft which will be investing over a billion dollars in the area.

The Des Moines metro area has also increased their merchandise exports by 22% over 2011 to $1.2 billion. This includes agricultural products, plastics and rubber products, processed foods, machinery, and chemicals.

It is an exciting time to be living in a thriving community. For more information go to

Cindy Sampson
Property Manager
411 Brick Street
Bondurant, Iowa